Here is my Husband’s favorite dishes, Tonkatsu! he keep taking me to tonkatsu restaurant whenever he crave for it. so i was thinking, why don’t i make one? it’s actually very easy to make, this recipe may not be a great one but i try my best to make it for my husband.

Tonkatsu usually served with a shredded cabbage salad and miso soup, eat with a bow of rice.

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Traditional Indonesia Food


I’m proud being an Indonesian, born and raise in Indonesia made me love Indonesia food more than anything. Here is one of many indonesian food that i love, Ayam Goreng Kuning ( Tumeric Fried Chicken ) with Tempeh Goreng (Fried Fermented Soy Bean), Petai Goreng served with Sambal Ulek. For vegetables i’m making spinach with corn cooked with garlic.

Sambal Ulek
Bayam masak jagung ( Spinach with corn)



Capcay Kuah ( stir fried vegie )

Here is another Chinese dish that is quite common to be found in Indonesia-chinese restaurant, CapCay! Capcay itself means ten vegetables, a stir fry vegetables that is popular in its origin (china) also in Indonesia. Here in Indonesia capcay usually serve dry (capcay goreng) or with a little bit of soup ( capcay kuah ) sometimes it has meat in it like prawn, meatball or chicken. But for me i prefer capcay without any meats, so i substitue it with mushroom.

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Gurami goreng asam manis (Fried fish with sour and sweet sauce)

Gurami goreng asam manis, Who doesn’t know this type of dish (at least for us Indonesian) you can almost find it in every family indonesia-chinese restaurant serving this dish. Fish that usually used is “gurami” a river fish, it’s not fishy ( because it lives in river) and has a tender flesh, But you can substitue it with any type of river fish as long as not sea fish. Most of the time this dish served by removing the flesh and continue by deeping fried the fish and the fillet coated with flour and served with sour and sweet sauce that goes really well with warm rice!

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Spice Beef Soup ( Yukgaejang)


Another korean recipe, that I really enjoy eating it and always craving over and over again, it is spicy beef soup (yukgaejang). This time I determine to make my own rather than to buy it, it’s healthier and of course cheaper! Making yukgaejang needs really long hours to cook the beef to get all the good nutrients and flavour from it, it is actually easy to make but time consuming which I believe total hours of cooking yukgaejang is more than 4 hours. If you know me, I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to cook complicated food and I like to cook something simple and easy.

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